The Ideal Height of Hanging Pendant Lights in Kitchen

There are a lot of lighting options which can add an eye-catching direct lights for kitchen office such as hanging necklace lights. These lights can be an excellent lights option for kitchen with high ceilings. If you utilize hanging pendant lights for your kitchen illumination, you have to hang it in its ideal height.

There are some considerations which you should think about for hanging your lights over the counter top or the kitchen island. It depends very on if your kitchen island is a practical work area or it has sitting about.

Practical Islands

If your kitchen is practical workspace, the suitable hanging space for pendant light is about 30 inches off the counter top. In a wide kitchen island, you will certainly be able to accessibility throughout the counter without striking the light.

Additionally, if among your relative is taller, you could adjust the elevation of the hanging necklace light appropriately. For one example, if you have six feet high relative who should work in the kitchen a great deal, you could relocate the necklace light to around 36 inches to ensure that she or he could stroll easily without hitting the light.

Island with Seats

Kitchen island with seating has another suitable requirement for hanging light necklace. For 40 inches, the lights will certainly hang concerning six feet 3 inches.


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